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About us

The Eureka St Jude Run was founded in 2015 by Kate Wilson and Zach Sancken, in honor of their mutual cousin, Luke Sancken, who lost his courageous battle with cancer in 1991 at the age of 15.  In our first five years we have raised over $583,575 for St Jude with an increase in runners and funds raised in each year.  Our hope is to build upon that success, with more runners participating and more money raised to help sick kids in 2020!


We believe in providing an awesome experience for our runners so they will keep coming back and bringing friends.  That has been our growth model from inception and has driven our growth from 47 runners in our first year to 85 in 2019.

The five-year survival rate for childhood cancer has gone from about 20% in 1962 when St Jude was founded to over 80% today.  St Jude is a world leader in childhood cancer research.  The breakthroughs made at St Jude are shared freely across the globe, saving many thousands more children worldwide.  No family ever receives a bill from St Jude.  They believe all a family should have to worry about is helping their child survive.

Every dollar raised for St Jude represents additional lifesaving research.  In this way, we consider the fundraising we do to be lifesaving fundraising.  Our mission is to provide financial support for St Jude so that they can help children survive and thrive after cancer.  We will not stop until cures have been found for all childhood cancer and no child has to die from this terrible disease.