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Registration is now open for the 2020 run!!  Please note there is a $35 registration fee, new for 2020.  This fee goes to the central run office to pay for large-ticket expenses such as group insurance, and in not included in your fundraising total.


The minimum fundraising commitment is $1,000 per runner. The fundraising minimum must be met by the morning of the run to participate.  The 2020 run is on July 18th.  There is no minimum mileage requirement. We do need to stay on schedule, requiring that we maintain a minimum pace throughout the day. However, the overall pace is not fast, and we include some shorter, slower legs to accommodate most individuals.

Mandatory Meeting:
For insurance and safety reasons, every runner is required to attend a mandatory safety meeting prior to the run. To accommodate schedules as much as we possibly can, we offer the meeting on two dates jus before the run (you need only attend one), we include a virtual attendance option, and we are willing to conduct a make-up session on an individual basis if necessary.

Medical Information:
When you register you will be asked to provide medical information in case of emergency. The information will remain sealed and confidential unless there is an emergency, and all information will be confidentially destroyed following the run.