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The Eureka St Jude Run is a relay-style run in which participants may run as much or as little as they wish. Our route is 30 miles long, broken up into legs from 1-3.5 miles in length. The first 8 miles are all in Eureka. We have Charter Buses that stop at each exchange point, allowing runners to get on or off the course at any exchange point. There is also a chase vehicle with us at all times that provides music for the run as well as transportation to any runners who have difficulty finishing a given leg.

St Jude Runs are fundraising events with a running component, and not the other way around. As St Jude runners we only run as fast as our slowest runner on the course at that time. The pace is relaxed and we take short breaks at the exchange zones. You need not be a serious runner to participate in this event. Past participants have ranged in age from 16-68, and in experience from ultra-marathoners to those participating in thier first organized running event. This run is truly for anyone passionate about helping sick kids!

Ample snacks, water, and Gatorade are provided. Runners are welcome to bring any additional snacks or drinks they may want. Lunch is also provided.

Our run begins at the Eureka Court House, with a send-off program beginning at 7:30 AM. The run finishes at the Peoria Civic Center at approximately 4:00 PM. At the Civic Center there is a provided, huge meal that your family is welcome to attend. There is a St Jude Runs Merchandise store and the telethon is held there as well. We present our fundraising total as a group on television as part of the telethon that night. These activities are optional, but lots of fun.

Please take a moment to read some of our runner feedback from prior years.